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Letters to the Editor

School Bans Teacher For Using Mother Warriors Voice

                                 (The following letter was received by one of our distributors in Hawaii.)

“Dear Mr. Paul Patnode:

               “This letter is to inform you that based on your unprofessional behavior on May 12, 2006,  I am banning you from substituting at Hilo Union School.

            “The unprofessional behaviors that were reported to me, by the students and their parents, were:


            “2. Using terms like “rape”, “sex slaves”, “torture people by cutting and raping them”, “a lot of kids were raped in front of their parents.”

            “3. Personal information/views like “son was taken away by government,” “blamed for raping your son”, “spent time in prison for the rape of a two-year-old child”, “getting punched in the eye by a drug dealer”.

            “4. Showed the class a magazine called “Mother Warriors Voice”.

            “This type of information is not part of the  lessons left by the teacher,  nor is it appropriate to  interject.  Therefore I am banning you from substituting at Hilo Union School.”

            Ray K. Mizuba, Principal
Hilo Union School
Volcano, Hawaii


REAL Welfare Reform: $10,000 Guaranteed Income?

Dear Friends,

            We have long been concerned about the inadequacy of the US welfare system. And we are frustrated by the absence of real welfare reform.

            The economy simply doesn’t provide enough jobs for everyone.  The economy requires an  unemployment rate of about 5%. This is a cushion against the inflation which many anticipate would result from total full employment. The employers pick the employees that they want. Those left over eventually have to turn to the welfare system. And it is simply unresponsive.

            Basically, the problems with welfare are two:  1) it   doesn’t pay enough and 2) it is too hard to get.

            In Monroe county (Rochester), New York, a mom with one kid gets a  welfare grant of $518 a month, (assuming her heat is included in rent) plus a food stamp grant of $278 a month. That is a total of $796, roughly 75% of the poverty level.  There has been no overall increase in the welfare benefit in New York since 1990 in spite of about 50% inflation since that time.

            To get the grant, the mom has to 1) submit about 15 documents (school records, Social Security numbers, birth certificates, etc etc.), 2) attend an average of three intake interviews, and 3) complete 15 job interviews a week with employers who are hiring.

            The time for real welfare reform has long passed.  We urge you to support the Charles Murray plan described in the Wall Street Journal.  Essentially, Murray wants to guarantee every adult $10,000 a year and cut out all the programs and services.  The plan is spelled out more completely in his book, In Our Hands. 

            The cost of welfare “programs and services” is outrageous.  In  2005  the total budget for the Monroe county Department of Human Services (welfare) was $520 million.  Of this, only $88 million, 17%, went into grants to the poor.  The rest went to “programs.”  The Medicaid portion of the budget was $201 million.  Taking Medicaid out of the equation, the grants to the poor still only totaled 27% of the total welfare budget.

            Some say that some the Murray plan is flawed.  However, we believe that the concept and the principles are quite sound.  The federal government should take responsibility for the poor. And they should do so in an adequate, compassionate, and efficient  manner.

            We urge you to call your congressmember and urge him/her to support the Murray plan.

            If you have questions or comments on this, or would like to share your experiences, please call us at 585-254-6650 or  write:

48 Cameron St., Rochester, NY 14606


Editor’s Note  It appears that a major flaw in Murray’s plan is its failure to provide any income to children of all ages and young adults from 18-21.  Single moms would have to use the $10,000 to support their entire family and to pay for all their food and medical care (and perhaps even child care!)  Single moms and disabled parents would still be living in economic hell.And young adults would be    


Grow Up Leslie

Dear Welfare Warriors,

            I have seen many appearances by Leslie Unruh on TV.  (Typist Note: Unruh is a pro-abstinence and anti-contraception/anti-abortion lobbyist from South Dakota.  She was a major player in the recent decision by South Dakota to outlaw all abortions in that state.)

            To tell you the truth, I really feel sorry for her.  She made a big mistake when she was young. (Maybe she was a teen. She doesn’t discuss that.)  She got knocked up and regretted it the next day. She decided to get an abortion when she realized she was pregnant.

            Who among us has not screwed up their life by doing something they regretted when they were younger, especially as teenagers?  I myself made a huge mistake when I was a teen.  I got married.  Within a few months I realized I had made a huge mistake. And I wished I had not done so.  But by that time, I was pregnant.  And I could not have gotten an abortion if I had wanted one.  In fact, the next time I got pregnant I did try to get one and could not.  I have regretted not having been able to get an abortion ever since.  But that is another story.

            Who knows? Perhaps if Leslie Unruh had not gotten that abortion, she would have regretted that for the rest of her life.  She was apparently unable to make a          decision and stick with it.  So the alternative could have been just as regrettable as the decision she did make.

            Instead of trying to make marriage illegal for all other women, I had my three kids.  I ended up as a      single parent. And to this day I believe I could have found as good a father for my children in any bar in Memphis.   I blame nobody but myself.  It was my choice and nobody else should suffer for my stupidity.  I said to myself, "I won’t do that again," and I have not.

            Instead of making every other woman suffer for her stupidity, Unruh should grow up.  She should say to herself, "boy, that was sure stupid, I won’t do that again," and get on with her life.  Why expect  women, easily able to make decision for themselves and live with them, to suffer the consequences of her stupidity?

            The largely male state legislature happily assumes that women cannot make decisions for ourselves. After all Unruh and her happy little band of     abortion foes could not.  They are obviously a bunch of male chauvinist pigs.

            I hope someone sends this to Leslie.  I don’t want to waste the time looking for her address.

            I’ve had three or four abortions and have not regretted any of them.  If I got pregnant again, I would get another one.  I did not like being pregnant.  I did not like bearing children.  And raising three children as a single parent was the hardest, most thankless job I ever did.  She can have my share of being pregnant, as well as the share for every other woman who prefers abortion to bearing children they aren’t equipped to take care of.

Helen Forelle
Canton, S.D.

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