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WROC and College Moms Tell Gov “NO Full Family Sanctions”


Gov. Christine Gregoire was the keynote speaker at the Evergreen State College graduation in Olympia, WA. Seven graduates visited Evergreen’s President, Les Purce, to explain their opposition to Gov. Gregoire as the keynote speaker. Gregoire has a new policy to cut children off welfare if their parents don’t participate in WorkFirst.

Some of the graduates were single moms on welfare struggling to finish college. They explained how this policy would be another barrier to prevent families from escaping poverty. Les Purce said he couldn’t change the graduation speaker. But he did support the graduates to make their voices heard.

            Graduates worked with WROC and other social justice groups to create four banners and a giant mailbox. Spectators could mail postcards to the Governor in the giant box. Children at the ceremony wore buttons asking the Governor if they needed to get a job.

            The graduates did not disrupt the Governor’s speech. During the speech they held up signs that said “I oppose welfare cuts to children.” During the speech, many graduates stood with their backs to the Governor, and held their signs toward the audience. They stood in silent opposition throughout her speech.

            When the graduates walked across the stage for their diploma, they handed postcards to the Governor. They asked her to implement full family support as opposed to full family sanctions. Children accompanied parents, also handing her postcards.

            DSHS has been busy making policy changes in response to the Governor’s directive to implement full family sanctions. You can still call or write Gov. Gregoire at: Office of the Governor, PO Box 40002, Olympia, WA 98504, (360)902-4111.

Info from WROC Seattle, 1-877-330-3063 and

WROC Olympia, 1-866-343-9716


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