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  Summer 2009

Editor's Tidbits

What Goes Around

Folks tell me “What goes around, comes around.” And it finally happened. Louis Gates, wealthy Harvard Prof, was arrested at home for being Black. That’s the same Dr. Louis Gates who in 2004, narrated a 4-part PBS series titled "America Beyond the Color Line." 

Like comedian Bill Cosby, Gates beat up on poor Blacks for not having any, well, class. His clichés accused lower-class blacks of needing to work harder and smarter to win the type of equality he enjoys. Like Cosby Gates attacked single mothers in particular.

By Gates logic he must now blame himself for getting arrested in his own home. 

 I hope “What goes around” doesn’t apply to my recent loss of a nice 1999 Ford Taurus. On my way to celebrate her 90th birthday with my mom, my car started on fire. Firemen discovered a baby squirrel had fallen from the nest under my engine.  Mama squirrel had apparently gnawed on some wires while building her nest. This was not my first loss due to squirrels. They destroyed a shed I built and trashed my attic before the car.  Honest, I never messed with no squirrels!

But the owner of Critter Ridder, Kathleen Buck, did. She has been charged with 4 counts of animal cruelty for letting a squirrel cook to death in a trap that she set on a roof to lure the squirrel out of a customer’s attic. (My shero!)  Buck is charged with not providing the squirrel with adequate food and water! Only in America.

 As always one of our Victories is exciting, but bittersweet. 5000 workers at a Smithfield nightmare pig slaughterhouse won a Union—after merely 17 years of fighting!  We really need the Congress to pass that Employee Free Choice Act.

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